Manifestation Techniques To Attract Your Desires

motivation desireTo begin manifesting something you want, you first need to ask yourself: What is it that you need badly? Is there a goal you want to accomplish desperately? Any deeply hidden desire you fantasize about but never told anyone? And what are you willing to give up to make it come true?

The first thing you might think of is Money. And lots of it. It is not a wrong answer. Everyone wants to be rich. To attract fortune. To be wealthy and powerful and travel around the world. It’s the dream everyone wants to experience. But few ever do.

This is where the Law of Manifestation comes in. If you want it badly enough, then chances are the universe is listening and will give you the opportunity if you play your cards right.

There are several techniques to manifest your desires, and most of them do not cost a single penny.

All you need is time and effort.

Here are five powerful manifestation techniques you can try:

1. Vision Board. If you are a visual person, making a vision board might work for you. You can cut out pictures from old magazines and put them in a blank space on your wall where you can see them every day.

Keeping a vision board allows you to visualize your intent and keep you on track if you ever get distracted.

2. Keep a Manifestation Journal. An intention journal can go a long way to reaffirm your original manifestations, and this is a powerful manifestation that many successful people have confirmed. By writing down your intentions and revisiting them every day, you are reminded of the purpose of your goal.

One example is Jim Carrey’s story. He wrote a check for a million dollars to motivate himself, eventually making the Dumb and Dumber movie, which became a huge success and earned him his first million-dollar check.

3. Repeating Manifestation Affirmations. What you say about yourself resonates in your head and shapes your reality. It’s essential to repeat the affirmations in the present tense as it has more power behind the intent.

You can make your manifestation affirmations. Whatever feels natural for you. But you can also use simple ones like these:

 · I attract Money and wealth.

 · I am financially successful.

 · Money comes easy to me.

 4. Pray. We often overlook the fact that prayers are powerful tools. When we feel down and have no one to talk to, we turn to god and vent on our frustrations.

Sometimes, you need a little divine assistance for your manifestations to appear. By asking the universe for help, you might be surprised to realize it’s listening.

5. Surrounding yourself in a positive environment. There is a saying no man is an island. In this instance, you definitely cannot accomplish certain things without the help of others.

Having a positive social network can help you raise your vibration. It’s easier to manifest your dreams while being surrounded by supportive, and inspiring people.