How to Make 2022 the Year of Happiness

happiest year yetThe pandemic is not over yet, and it’s not likely to be over by the end of 2022, and this is not necessarily a bad thing.  The new Omicron strain is more transmissible but less serious in most people.   When I write this, much of my extended family have tested positive, yet I remain positive.

There is definitely a reason for optimism.

For most of us, 2020 and 2021 were the worst years ever.  Some of us lost loved ones; almost all of us were holed up in our homes for much of the time. I’m certainly not a scientist or medical professional, but I chose to believe that the worst is behind us.

Why don’t we look and see what we can do to make sure that 2022 is the best year of your life and certainly the happiest?

Learn a new skill.

I took up the piano in 2021.  In my early 50’s I have no delusions about becoming a concert pianist or even playing in a band, but it is a lot of fun learning how to play both the classical and popular songs that I enjoy.  It’s about expectations. Write a novel or short story, learn to ski. Make a list of 10 things you’ve always wanted to try, pick a few and do it.  Do it with the understanding that you will likely never become the best in the world at it.

Maybe the best that will happen is that you will impress your friends and family with your new skill and that’s not a bad thing.  That will be enough to encourage you to keep going and make you feel better about yourself.

Begin a blessings journal. 

Blessings don’t have to have religious connotations, although they certainly can.  Do you own a house? Are your kids healthy? I don’t listen to music when driving in the car alone.  I occasionally listen to something inspirational or educational, but mostly, I count my blessings.  I consider all the things that I have to be thankful for and  I dig deep.  I don’t have to keep a journal because I feel like I’ve mastered the process, but you might choose to do so.  

Imagine, if you spend a few minutes every day writing something good about your life, what kind of a list would you have after a few weeks?

Avoid Negativity

In addition to my business presence, I have a personal social media presence as, I’m sure, most people reading this have as well.  The major difference between most people and me, I’m not stingy with the Unfollow, Block and Unfriend buttons.

There are many divergent positions on how to handle it in these uncertain times.  I found that people whose opinions differ from my own usually add to my anxiety.  I generally take disagreement harder than most people, and the reason for this is suitable for a different discussion. Nevertheless, it is so.

If you are like me in that way, then feel free to unfollow or otherwise cut social media ties with these people; you don’t need them.

You probably can’t do anything about negative co-workers, but you certainly can learn to appreciate the positive ones. Spend as much time as you can with the people who bring you joy, pay attention to what brings you peace and follow it.


Go for walks; chances are you have undiscovered paths, nature walks, or even retail stores in your community that you haven’t discovered, or at least used to their fullest.  This might be an opportunity to explore things with friends or family that you might not have considered.  

It might be hard at first to break the inertia of the comfortable chair or couch, but once you’re up, it gets a lot easier.

Just spend time doing what makes you happy.  Even if nothing mentioned above resonates with you, there must be something, you just need to take time to think about it and act on it.  Don’t spend another gloomy year sitting in front of Netflix.

Find your passion.

Manifestation Techniques To Attract Your Desires

motivation desireTo begin manifesting something you want, you first need to ask yourself: What is it that you need badly? Is there a goal you want to accomplish desperately? Any deeply hidden desire you fantasize about but never told anyone? And what are you willing to give up to make it come true?

The first thing you might think of is Money. And lots of it. It is not a wrong answer. Everyone wants to be rich. To attract fortune. To be wealthy and powerful and travel around the world. It’s the dream everyone wants to experience. But few ever do.

This is where the Law of Manifestation comes in. If you want it badly enough, then chances are the universe is listening and will give you the opportunity if you play your cards right.

There are several techniques to manifest your desires, and most of them do not cost a single penny.

All you need is time and effort.

Here are five powerful manifestation techniques you can try:

1. Vision Board. If you are a visual person, making a vision board might work for you. You can cut out pictures from old magazines and put them in a blank space on your wall where you can see them every day.

Keeping a vision board allows you to visualize your intent and keep you on track if you ever get distracted.

2. Keep a Manifestation Journal. An intention journal can go a long way to reaffirm your original manifestations, and this is a powerful manifestation that many successful people have confirmed. By writing down your intentions and revisiting them every day, you are reminded of the purpose of your goal.

One example is Jim Carrey’s story. He wrote a check for a million dollars to motivate himself, eventually making the Dumb and Dumber movie, which became a huge success and earned him his first million-dollar check.

3. Repeating Manifestation Affirmations. What you say about yourself resonates in your head and shapes your reality. It’s essential to repeat the affirmations in the present tense as it has more power behind the intent.

You can make your manifestation affirmations. Whatever feels natural for you. But you can also use simple ones like these:

 · I attract Money and wealth.

 · I am financially successful.

 · Money comes easy to me.

 4. Pray. We often overlook the fact that prayers are powerful tools. When we feel down and have no one to talk to, we turn to god and vent on our frustrations.

Sometimes, you need a little divine assistance for your manifestations to appear. By asking the universe for help, you might be surprised to realize it’s listening.

5. Surrounding yourself in a positive environment. There is a saying no man is an island. In this instance, you definitely cannot accomplish certain things without the help of others.

Having a positive social network can help you raise your vibration. It’s easier to manifest your dreams while being surrounded by supportive, and inspiring people.